Catalyst Euro Zone 2014 - London

Catalyst Global Euro Zone 2014

Published on Jul 18, 2014 by Mark Davenport

The Catalyst Global EuroZone 2014 conference provided a platform for like-minded companies across the European region of the Catalyst community to listen, cooperate, be creative and ultimately profit from shared knowledge. The Catalyst Global EuroZone conference brought together a talented pool of its licensed partners from 12 countries including UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Romania and UAE.

Maximising Opportunities Together

The theme for the conference was: 'Maximising our Business Opportunities Together' .

The day kicked off with Catalyst Global CEO, Guy Baker sharing the vision for the Catalyst Global network and then turning to the group for feedback and input. Guy Bergeaud, CEO of Team Building France, was the moderator for a session titled “Who’s Who Giant” a speed meeting session covering pricing, marketing, social media, sales and networking with presentation from Andy Fieldhouse of Biz Events ; Cristian Hossu of Universum Romania. The session was punctuated with lively discussion.

Time for a break!

Catalyst Global EuroZone participants took a well deserved coffee break as they participated in a product “walk-around” exploring first hand the intricacies of Rat Trap, and Animate.

After the break, Andrew Fieldhouse delivered an insightful presentation titled “How to Grow Business from Scratch”. Over lunch, delegates participated in a “Marketing Material Walk-Around” which enabled them to inspect, share and learn from each other’s marketing material.

The afternoon kicked on with an update on the website from Catalyst Global, CEO, Guy Baker.

Next up was Dani Polajnar from Team building Academy. Dani’s concepts on Leveraging the Catalyst Global Network, such as, cross selling, PR and common branding were fresh and creative. Guy followed on from this with a presentation on the role and importance of having a Catalyst ambassador within each licensee.

Time to get active!

Delegates participated in the new product Whiskey Wisdom and then a relaunch of International Stakes with a new giant cardboard rocking horse! The group then hit the streets with a new and otherwise untried version of Go Team which had teams running from London Bridge to South Bank in 30 degree heat culminating inside a fountain!

Mother nature turned on a show with a spectacular light display at sunset as the group wined and dined on a Thames River boat.

At Catalyst Global we are very proud to have created a trusting environment, creating a live event that enabled teambuilding professionals to network and share best practice with other like-minded individuals from across the EuroZone.

Many thanks from the team at Catalyst Global to Dave Turner, Andy Fieldhouse , Timo Herinaro, Guy Bergeaud , Martin Bergeaud, David Bassett , Oran Masterton, Darius Lornsargis , Luis Trindade , Christian Hossu, Dani Polanjnar for taking the time to participate in this event.

Mark Davenport

Head of Business Development

Responsible for identifying new partner prospects and facilitating their acquisition into the Catalyst Global network

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