Staff Celebration

Celebrate the festive season in a positive and productive way with a team building activity.

Office parties can pose problems for Human Resource professionals, with many having to offer directives to gently remind employees how to behave appropriately and deal with those who fail to turn up in the morning. Is all the resulting lack of productivity really worth it? The alternative course of action is to consider something much more meaningful and avoid the HR headaches that could occur. With an increase in remote teams and home working, festive celebrations are often the only time of the year when everyone actually gets to meet face to face, an ideal opportunity to reinforce key values or accelerate networking through well positioned team-building games. If you’re looking for team building ideas to break the ice, stimulate conversation and kick start celebrations, there are plenty of options available; many companies choose to get outside in the fresh air with a festive themed GPS treasure hunt, remake a classic movie or spice up their staff party with a Quickfire or Push It! Tablet based interactive quiz. There is an increasing trend to towards CSR and charity related team activities where co-workers can have a direct impact on their local community and ‘give back’ to other less advantaged groups. Now that’s a memorable celebration together!

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