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The Orchestra and High Performance Teams

Published on Oct 3, 2018 by David Simpson

An interesting comparison and something we can all learn from is an orchestra, where each individual’s reputation is at stake every time they go to work. Think about it, if the orchestra doesn’t deliver, the customer is going to put fault on the entire team and not just on that one musician that played a dud note. It’s never the cellist who played an F sharp instead of an F, or the flutist who rushed her solo – it’s the orchestra, the whole team who failed! The company produced a poor product.

Individuals have responsibility to the team

In order to avoid a disappointed customer, it is vital that each musician works with the team and functions as a support mechanism for the other musicians. Every musician has a responsibility to the team, and only when they are working together will they create beautiful music. In a nut shell, if you want to be known as the best musician in town, you’d darn well better make sure you look after the guys around you. If they don’t sound good, you don’t sound good.

An attitude of generosity - give and you will receive

The quality an orchestral musician must obtain is one of generosity. The more they give to the team, the more they will receive. If you can inspire the violinists in your section to play with conviction and passion, this will ultimately reward you. If the violin section can then inspire the cellists, then everybody wins.

Inspiring others for the good of all

Inspiring the people around you can only benefit you in the long run. As a team member, think like an orchestral musician and don’t try to out play your band mates.

An excellent experiential learning programs which enables employees to appreciate the analogy of an orchestra and a corporate team is Orchestrate! Individuals learn to play as an orchestra in less that 2 hours with no prior experience. Participants learn first hand the importance of the aforementioned aspects of team work.

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