team celebrate together the outcome of rags to riches giving CSR activity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Published on Oct 25, 2010

Client: AIESEC

Outcomes: Appreciation of Corporate Social Responsibility, Impact the local community, problem solving and team collaboration.

Team Building Asia has enjoyed a long supportive partnership with international youth organisation AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales). AIESEC organises international student exchange and internship programmes for both profit and non-profit organisations.

We were delighted when asked to open The Ripples International Conference 2010, which had the end objective to discuss and evaluate the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia-Pacific Region.

Team Building Asia saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase our newest CSR teambuilding programme known as Rags To Riches. This encourages delegates to give back to the communities they work in while at the same time recycling quality unwanted items. In this case it was decided to find a creative way to deliver used clothes to a local charity and at the same time create a team building opportunity for the AIESEC team.

Our creative team transplanted the Ripples logo onto a huge tarpaulin in the form of a unique matrix, which then required delegates to position the clothes in pre-determined marked out areas. This giant networking and communications challenge had teams working together to fold, consolidate and swap the clothes to match the various features of the logo and fit the colours perfectly. At various stages team leaders called out helpful commands to tidy up the 3-D textured logo and produce a fabulous piece of installation art unique to AIESEC.

Notable features include the Hong Kong skyline, most prominent being the Bank of China and also the two Ripples characters on the left and right of the logo. Following a debriefing on how the team worked effectivelyandimpact on the local community, the clothes were presented to The Salvation Army to distribute at their many clothing banks throughout Hong Kong.

“Rags To Riches created a unique teambuilding event for our 3rd Ripples International Conference while at the same time raising our delegates awareness of the need to reduce waste and promote greater sustainability in our local environments.” Dennis Su, AIESEC Vice President.

Check out the YouTube video delegates created at:

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