Teams construct and decorate a dog house for charity

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
30 - Unlimited


In Barkitecture teams are equipped with a tool kit and building materials. Each team must utilise time and resources effectively to design and build a unique dog house. Teams participate in a series of competitions to win decorative extras like paint and patios.

Once complete, the dog houses are put on show. Prizes can be awarded for categories like the ‘most creative dog house’ and ‘most team spirit’. Completed dog houses can be given to the local animal rescue association or another worthy cause.

Learning Outcomes

Teams must identify the skills of each individual and apply project management techniques so that design, decoration, planning and construction are completed within a given time frame and with limited resources. Synapses fire completing tasks that are outside their day to day routine. Barkitecture is a great way to motivate people and increase engagement through a memorable shared giving experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

The dog houses your team produce can be given away to dog adoption agencies or, can be auctioned with the proceeds going to an animal shelter.

Related Testimonial

The necessary project management ensured that everyone was involved and focused on the task at hand. People used their diverse skills from woodwork to creative decoration. It was great fun! Everyone was pleased that their efforts were going to a good cause.


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