team collaborates to complete fun team building activity need 4 speed

Launch of Need 4 Speed

Published on Aug 30, 2010 by Stuart Harris

Our latest event based activity, Need 4 Speed, has been launched in Q4! This fast paced medium to large scale module involves the development of efficient assembly lines in real time but uniquely in miniature form. Its a smart business game that is a lot of fun but through utilising repetition it teaches process improvement through innovative thinking in a fun engaging way!

Teams receive stylish model cars with wooden car body sections and plastic interconnects. The challenge involves teams deconstructing the models into its component parts and then on the sound of the starting horn they must reconstruct the models in the quickest time possible. With qualifying laps, team cluster laps and final whole organisation laps, team scores are recorded on a Top Gear style leaderboard. This strong visual ensures, continuous improvement, enhanced team work, sharing of best practices and the benefits of competition and collaboration.

Stuart Harris

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Team Building Asia

Stuart Harris has built Team Building Asia into Asia's most prestigious and effective team building company.

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