two men sitting at a cafe table during team building event

Conversation based brainstorming sessions

Published on Sep 12, 2010 by David Simpson

A new brainstorming model has been adopted to complement and follow on from our successful Appreciative Inquiry workshops. Inspired by the ever popular World Café sessions happening around the globe, we have been facilitating many of these conversation based brainstorming sessions with our clients to promote the collective intelligence of participants and enable effective action to be taken back to the workplace.

The hot issues and relevant needs of the organisation are tabled as conversation pieces at a simulated coffee house. Jazz music is played in the background, the tables are set like a real café and safe led flickering candles inspire powerful conversations. Thinking out of the box is paramount and the co-cultivation of ideas through participants moving, roving and striking up conversations at other tables consolidates and connects the workplace outputs.

David Simpson

Co-Founder & Training Director at Team Building Asia

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